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Powerful Tips I am Using To Manage My Emotions and Feelings.

Dear Queens, how are you all keeping? Today, I thought I should write on Chronicles of Jennifer since I haven’t written anything on there for some time now. Here is a guide on how to manage your emotions. Today my feelings and emotions are all over the place. How do…

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How To Overcome Insecurity And Take Absolute Control Of Your Life

Dear queens, there will always be times when we feel insecure from situations in our lives but when it becomes the “determinant” of our entire life, it becomes a problem. So today, we will talk about how to overcome insecurity and take control of our lives. Do you know a…

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The Balance in Life: 3 Things To Incorporate

Please share Source – CC0 Licence  Here are 3 things to incorporate in your life if you are looking for tips on how to find balance in your life and live a great life. Everybody has felt that pressure recently. It may have given them the boot up the backside…

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5 Benefits of Getting Out Of the House More

Life is generally becoming more and more automated. We get everything in the comfort of our homes making it increasingly difficult to leave our homes but there are benefits of leaving the house more often, Of course, the pandemic also happened. The global COVID-19 pandemic has totally disrupted society in…

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