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5 Amazing Positive Lessons From COVID-19 You Have Not Thought About!

Here are some five great positive lessons from COVID-19 we learned here in the United Kingdom that I believe are equally applicable anywhere else in the world. There’s no denying that the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has affected everyone in the UK in some way. For some people, the effects of…

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How To Reinvent Yourself : 11 Powerful Ways To Transform Into Who You Want To Be

How To Reinvent Yourself: 10 Powerful Ways To Transform Your Life Dear queens, I have been reading up on how to reinvent yourself and the things I have read are so mind blowing that I just had to share with you all! But first, apologies for being AWOL. I recently…

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Yoga for Your Personal Growth and Mental Health

Are you looking for a healthy direction to take your life for the remainder of this year? Well, how about trying to go completely organic and using yoga for your personal growth. Here are some awesome ways to include yoga in mental health and wellbeing as part of your at-home…

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How To Be More Assertive. 10 Tips For Being More Assertive

Being assertive literally means communicating your needs, wants, and ideas in a positive and clarifying way putting into consideration other people’s ideas as well. Here are 10 tips for being assertive in any place or condition. There is a way you can be more assertive in life that is not…

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