30 Day Blog Challenge: Day12: My Views On Drugs And Alcohol

My Views On Drugs and Alcohol The topic for the 30 day blog challenge day 12 is my views on drugs and alcohol. I have not had much experience on drugs and alcohol but i have seen the devastation that they cause and it is not good. I never had…

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30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 11. If I Won A Million Dollars

If i won a million dollars! That would be the day! At times i imagine how those who have won lotteries usually act when they realize they have won money they may not able to make in their lifetime. Do they dance  at home? Go crazy a bit? Get overwhelmed?…

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30 day Blog Challenge: Day 10. My Bucket List

When i initially decided to start this 30 day blog challenge, i did wonder what the uproar about bucket lists was all about and what i would write when i have to talk about my own bucket list. I realize that there is so much that could and should be…

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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

The Worst Injury I Have Ever Had Day 9 of the 30 Blog challenge. Sincere apologies for keeping everyone waiting and not following this religiously! I am not supposed to be giving excuses but the truth is, i have been extremely busy at work and this has prevented me from…

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