30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

The Worst Injury I Have Ever Had

Day 9 of the 30 Blog challenge. Sincere apologies for keeping everyone waiting and not following this religiously! I am not supposed to be giving excuses but the truth is, i have been extremely busy at work and this has prevented me from doing any form of writing for the past two weeks!

So day 9 is on the worst injury i have ever had! I only have vague memories of the injury because i was very little when i had it. From then till now, i have not sustained any injury as bad the injury i want to talk about today.

I think i was about 4 years when i had the injury. According to my mom, my aunt (mom's immediate younger sister), took me on a spin on a bicycle, strapped my legs to the bike with a piece of cloth, asked me to hold on tight and took me on a ride that would result to a very bad injury.

Apparently, as she was riding, my right foot got stucked in the wheels of the bike, in between the spokes (ouchhhh!!!). I was bleeding, my aunt was unaware.

Its either i didn't say anything or i did but she didn't hear or didn't want to listen or perhaps thought i was playing pranks (was i the type of kid that played pranks? Don't think so. I have always been serious minded i think).

Mangled Right Heel

Well, she was stopped by people along the road as the story goes. She eventually stopped but by then great damage had been done and my heel was practically "mangled" (i can walk straight, don't worry lol).

My memories were basically seeing blood, crying and all that. Till now, I can't seem to recollect what was done after but the resultant injury? You guessed right. The worst injury i have ever had!

Being Self Conscious

Till date, i am always self conscious of the injury. More then, than now but still conscious of it nonetheless. When i was younger, i would only wear shoes that covers the the injury or long dresses and skirts.

Then when i do summon courage to wear short thingies, i would be very self conscious and be wondering if anyone was seeing it, looking at it and saying to themselves "urghhh, that's ugly!

These days, i wear short skirts, dresses and shorts but not really all that self conscious anymore because i am owning the "scar".

People still look at it because i get questions often from strangers about the injury but it just doesn't bother me as it used to when i was very "vain" lol.

I would tell myself when younger that i would go for a plastic surgery at one point or other in my life but....

My War Badge

the worse injury i have ever had
My War Badge!

In as much as the injury is the worst injury i have ever had, i now wear the scar as a "War Badge" and don't think i will be looking to "cover" it up with plastic surgery.

The worst injury i have ever had has now become a part of me and a part of my unique story that i proudly show off.

That is a wrap on day 9. The worst injury i have ever had. If you missed day 8, its the day i wrote A Letter to My Teenage Self.


What is the worst injury you have ever had? Did you have scars? How has the injury affected you?

You all know i love hearing from you. Enjoy the rest of the week!


Jennifer Pompaski




Love, Jennifer.
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6 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

  1. Oh my goodness that’s so awful! Your Mom must have been so mad. I can’t even imagine.
    As to scars. I think they’re pretty cool as they all have a story and you really have a good one with yours!

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