Day 2 Of 30 Day Blog Challenge: 10 Likes And Dislikes

KQ Tribe, so day 2 of the 30 day blog challenge is here and it is about 10 likes and dislikes. You all know what they say, “different strokes for different people”. So whatever i discuss here is personal to me and i do hope you all will agree with me on some of the dislikes and likes lol.


There are a lot of things that i like but since the blog challenge wants 10 alone, i will keep it to 10 only lol!

  1. I can never say this enough because its been my solace and will always be. I like reading a lot and it makes me love whoever i come across that also happens to like reading! Reading for me is cathartic, a place of escape and also a place to explore! Reading is everything. Oh well, maybe not everything lol but you all know what i mean!
  2. I like people who dress well all the time. It is a huge turn on for me! If you are a guy and you clean up real good, then it is very certain as the setting sun that i will like you. Big time! Being someone who likes looking good, i tend to gravitate towards people who make an effort with their appearance! 
  3. Another thing i really do like are people who are well organized. I’ve got a friend, who plans everything to the last detail! He is my mentor (he can get really annoying at times lol) and a practicing Quality and Kaizen professional, professor extraordinaire! When i say he plans everything to the last minute detail, i mean exactly that. For those who are not familiar with Kaizen, you can google it. I am a practicing Quality and Kaizen professional but the level i have gotten doesn’t even scratch the surface of what and who my mentor is! He never ceases to amaze me. When i ‘miss a turn” and be blabbing, he will just point out an option. There was a time i missed my flight from London to Dubai because i missed my coach ride from Glasgow to London. I was so distressed because i needed to be in Dubai the next day. Unfailingly! When i called him, blabbing, he just replied me calmly, give me 5 minutes and then he calls back. You are in Glasgow he says, call Emirates office. I believe they have one seat left on a flight from there to Dubai. Trust, yours truly. With loud hiccups, i called Emirates and it took only 20 pounds to make the change. Papi, i give it to you. I am learning! So if you are a very organized person, you are a likable person and i already like you! 
  4. This number 4 like is dedicated to all the guys who smell good! I like it when i hug a guy and he smells real good. Good cologne, Great perfume. This one is a big big turn on for me!  Let me stop this here before i get questioned by the duo of interpol and CIA lol. Thank you!
  5. I am practically an old soul and i am always moved by the voices of Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Billy Ocean, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Teddy Pendergrass, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, George Michael, Tevin Campbell, Babyface. The gist is, i like music a lot. All genres (except rap) but soul music is my life blood!
  6. I like fashion. Hahahahahaha. Not just the idea of  “fashion trends” but also the whole process from imagination to drawings/illustrations and then the birth of the actual designs. I see fashion designers as geniuses (geniuses shouldn’t just be scientists and engineers and all that). In their own world, they are building and developing also. I acknowledge that and that is why i appreciate a good trend, wear it (if i can afford it lol) and generally appreciate their gifts. 
  7. I like knowing something (if not everything) about everything. I am the sort of babe that you can discuss anything with and will have an idea about what you are about. To me, having a conversation with a knowledgeable person is a big yes for me. This is probably one of the reasons i don’t like dumb people. I mean, there are learning resources at the tip of your finger. Learn something every day.
  8. I like art in all its entirety. But i am talking about my love for art works. Paintings, sculpts, simple drawings of nature and people are big likes for me and if i am given a chance, i would probably cover every square inch of my apartment in art. It does help that my immediate younger brother who is an electrical engineer has the talent and makes paintings for me when i want!
  9. I like smart phones (A LOT) and they are sort of my weakness. Someone help please! I love smartphones and i am prepared to buy every single Samsung release (in my dreams lol). Fortunately, i have a good head on me and God thought to give me some common sense lol so i always know when to draw the line. That doesn’t stop me from browsing Samsung S9 and S9+. If you are reading this, please buy one and send it to me!
  10. I like big screen TVs. Its like watching a movie at the cinema and the experience is awesome when you replicate that at home from a big screen TV. Grab some popcorn and let’s see the beauty that is Wakanda once more!


  1. This dislike should earn the honour of first place. I dislike crawling crawlies. Yes you heard me right. Any animal that crawls like snakes, earthworms, centipedes etc. They make my skin crawl, even dead ones! As a matter of fact, they give me nightmares and i am not kidding about that! 
  2. I dislike bullying in its entirety, be it physical, mental, psychological, body shaming and sheer bullying in every form. I am very vocal when it comes to bullying and i will always be the first to raise and lend my voice against it, any time and any day. I am sure you would like to know how vocal i get about bullying. Check out my blog posts on BULLYING and BODY SHAMING  and you will sure have an idea!
  3. I dislike the idea of i am black, he is white. I am an African, she is caucasian. He is Indian, i am Spanish and all that brouhaha! I mean, when will we learn that we all are human beings and that is the only thing that matters? *Sigh*.
  4. I dislike being caught unawares ( hey, i am not saying i don’t like surprises (surprises like a getaway ya know) so you all don’t go and say Jennifer doesn’t like surprises so i am not gonna give her one lol). What i mean is, i like being prepared for anything especially when it comes to my job. I wouldn’t want to blab when my boss calls for something so like a girl’s scout, i always like being prepared. Unlike Jon Snow here 
  5. I dislike the fact that the first time a guy sees me, they think that i am a “dumb blonde”! Like seriously?! These days i tend to like the “shock effect”when i open my mouth, talk and converse. I usually end up knowing more than they do lol. A vivid experience would be when i met a black british who works for the BBC. I don’t know what the dude thought but from hindsight, i think he probably thought as a guy working with the BBC and me just a young graduate seeking employment, i’d be blown away. Long story short, BBC dude could not handle the fact that i am intelligent and he literally took to his heels (and he told me this: i thought i’d impress you but you know everything but i prefer my women a little dumb). Well, i am not and not about to pretend to be one lol.
  6. Another dislike and this one is about ears! Sounds spooky i know but hear me out, please. When i meet someone for the first time (as a matter of fact, anytime i meet up with people), the first thing i check are their ears. Wondering what and why i look at their ears? I have noticed over the years that most people do not bother about their ears when cleaning up and it is something that i have a total dislike for. Well, i know you all be thinking that it is kinda bad but the truth is you wouldn’t even know i was looking. I don’t think anyone has ever caught on. My bad!
  7. I dislike backbiting with a passion. While i understand that people who backbite are “behind” you, so to say, i never really get the whole idea behind the reason people do it. I tell you shit to your face. No hiding. I say it the way it is and i would appreciate it if people tell me to my face instead of backbiting and saying all whatnots. Oh well, i guess there will always be people with these sort of tendencies and i just gat do my thing and let them remain behind. Right! 
  8. I don’t like packing my hair. When i wear weaves or make braids, i like letting it fall. I like ponytails on people but i dislike it on me. I think i have only done a ponytail hairstyle and that was when i was at Uni and it was like the craze then. People went all “ahhhs and awwws” when i did it but i still don’t like it. I like my hair free from all bounds. Spring, Summer, Winter, it doesn’t matter. My hair is always “down and free”. 
  9. I dislike eating any soup that “draws”. You all know lady fingers, right? Well, when you cook with it, it draws and i am so not a fan. I feel its so slimy and may turn something else in my stomach so i detest it. However, having learnt the health benefits of lady fingers, i try to include it in my meals in ways that it doesn’t “draw” after cooking. So now you know what not to cook when i come visiting!
  10. Poke nosers, this one is for you all. I detest people poke nosing into my private business. There is a reason the word “privacy” exist and i think people should respect that. If i don’t “leave it out there” for people to see and know about, then it means it is very private to me and people should respect that no matter who you are.

So that’s it KQ tribe, my 10 likes and dislikes on day 2 of the 30 day blog challenge. Do we have similar likes and dislikes, are you freaky like me checking out people’s ears for personal hygiene too? What are your likes and dislikes? Let’s share. You all have a fab week!


Jennifer Pompaski

Jennifer Pompaski
Jennifer Pompaski

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  4. ChiCity
    March 30, 2018 / 11:24 am

    Waoh! Great likes and dislikes. I like no 8 of your likes more because my guy is mentioned there Lol. I truly do not die for Arts before but for now…GIVE IT TO ME…nothing without Arts. From what i know about you, you didn’t pretend,you’ve really expressed who you are.

    • April 9, 2018 / 8:32 am

      Hahahaha. The art people. I see you! We need to start selling on here. Do business together!

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