10 Proven Ways To Save Money

Dear Queens, can we talk how to save money tips, today? the art of saving money is one that needs to be cultivated and imbibed. To save money, one has to be disciplined. Frivolities and compulsiveness are the most common ways we “lose” money. But there are lots of ways you can overcome and be able to save money for whatever it is that you want.

Money makes the world go round. It is the answer to a lot of problems (yeah I know some of you will be skeptical about this but even the Bible says money answereth all things albeit being the root of all evils). Money is the answer to that business venture you have always to start, money is the answer to that professional certification you need to climb that corporate ladder, it is the answer to that beautiful piano you need to buy for your child to help him/her on those piano lessons you paid for, money is the answer to changing your diet, money is the answer to buying that camera and laptop you need to take your blogging business to the next level. It is the answer to all those sensible and frivolous things that you need.

So today I would like to talk about ways to save financially. Foolproof ways to saving save money. Time tested and true ways to save money with tangible results. Here is how to save money tips you can start practicing today.

Hey! Please this is not a get rich quick scheme blog post lol.


Having a mastery over your finances from an early age, or early on, would put you in a good stead so it is something you need to learn and master so you could always have something for the rainy day.

Saving is a habit we need to cultivate this is because saving money can be difficult and challenging

You may not be planning to own a business, buy a house or even buy anything remotely expensive in the near future but just imagine a scenario in your head right now where you can have access to funds to do something because you saved.

Perhaps, you are planning on starting a small business venture like small-scale farming, poultry, piggery, fashion/tailoring, renting a gallery for all those beautiful artworks you created by your amazing self or similar ventures that you need money to start up. It will be a great idea to start saving money so you could achieve what you have set out to do.

Or perhaps you have a job that pays you. You need to even master the art of saving money more as a worker.

Today, I share with you ten proven ways to save money!

How To Save Money Tips

how to save money tips


How to save money tips: Piggy bank

This is an old, true and tried way of saving money. You will be amazed at the amount of money you will save at the end of a year with a piggy bank! As a rule, decide on the denomination of money you want to save. You could decide to be putting 20 or 50 dollar bills in your piggy bank anytime you get them.

Alternatively, you could decide to save all the coins you get. When using a piggy bank, ensure you get one that will not be easy to open anytime you feel like it. Set a target as to when you want to get all the money you have saved out. It could be 3 months, 6 months or even a year. Saving a 10 dollar bill every day for a year gives you 3600 dollars! Now do the Mathematics with the others!


how to save money tips by meal prepping

Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

Yes, you heard me right. Last year, I decided to calculate what I spend eating out/buying lunch at the office and I wasn’t happy at the amount of money I was spending! It was way too much. I then decided to meal prep. Meal prepping is simply preparing your meals beforehand and freezing or refrigerating.

What I do is to meal prep for the coming week. I prepare both breakfast and lunch packs which I take to work. This has made me save a lot of money compared to when I was eating out/and or ordering my lunches. It also means that I get to eat healthy too!

Those lunch packs you get at work are draining your coffers, coin by coin. Prepping meals mean you get to buy your groceries and supplies in large quantities. This saves you money because it is cheaper than when you buy in bits. Being a boss meal prepper means you get to save money.


how to save money tips

Girl, always pay yourself first! Newsflash! Paying yourself does not mean going on a shopping spree to get all the latest trends lol. If you are working it means you have a salary. At the end of every month, be sure to save over half of your salary.

That is paying yourself first.

Do not rush off to go buy that fancy scarf and shoes you’ve been “eyeing” at the mall!

Save at least 60 percent of your salary (or more) and then build your budget on the remainder.

Don’t forget to throw the extras in that piggy bank!


I was a compulsive spender. My love for looking good has drained my coffers many a times! I am also this kind of person that loves beautiful things. It didn’t matter then if I already have a beautiful flower vase, I would get another one. It didn’t matter if I already had a pair of shoe in one color, I would get it in another color. I was that crazy but the responsibilities I have to myself and family made me realize that lifestyle would not help me so I had to “reorient” myself. It was a long process but I have come a long way and be able to tame that “compulsive” spending nature.

how to save money tips

These days, I buy what is absolutely necessary and leave those beautiful things alone (because there are beautiful things in my apartment too lol). This has made me save money that would have been channeled into buying things that will end up as clutter in my apartment. You have to tame your emotions to be able to save money. Those compulsive buying and spending sprees, you have to stop them. It will help you financially.

You know that ‘I am hurt feeling, I need to go shopping to be in a good mood” emotion?

That smile you get when the dough arrives in your account and then day dream about all those items in your  Amazon shopping cart…

Tame them!!!

Those are the times you buy all the rubbish you do not need lol.

I know. Trust me because I have walked both paths.

How To Save Money Easily


This is all part of planning darling. There is every tendency that when you go to get groceries and some other shop to do some buying without a list, you will end up buying things you absolutely do not need!

Draw up a list of the things you need before leaving the house. Now it is one thing to draw up a list, it is another thing to be disciplined about the list.

This is an absolute habit to develop and cultivate to save money and this save money tip is one of my favorite.

how to save money tips

Proven ways to save money


You know those fine and ugly ass things you bought that you didn’t need but went ahead and got anyways? It is time to a yard sale. Yeah! Decluttering simply means “gathering every single item in your home that are not serving any single function or purpose” and then inviting friends, family, neighbors  and colleagues to come buy at bargain prices! You might even get more money for an item during the yard sale. This is a very good way to save you some money. You could also drive down to a local market with the items, put up a temporary shop in your car and then start selling (if you are scared your friends/family/neighbors/colleagues wouldn’t want to pay much for what you are selling). You need an entrepreneur mentality to save money!

how to save money tips

how to save money tips


At my office, we create these mini groups consisting of 5 or more employees solely for the purpose of saving money. It is like thrift collection. Every member contributes a certain amount of money which is then paid to one member at the end of a month.  The amount and who comes first (done by balloting) is agreed on. This is continued for every month until everyone in the “thrift party” is paid.

If it is 6 people and each person is contributing 500 dollars, you get 2500 dollars at the end of the month. This means it will take 6 months to complete the cycle. 10 people would be 4500 dollars (the person getting paid at the end of the month do not contribute). The more money used as the thrift collection, the more you get to save. The more people, the merrier it is. This kind of money saving scheme can be used when you are planning to buy something, say a laptop, a plot of land, a house, paying rent.

You get the picture, right? I have used this thrift to save money to do a variety of things like buy plots of lands (which is another way of saving and making money. You buy and then sell at a later time for more money!), pay rent and even run a professional course I needed at one time. I am still doing it. It is a life saver and one of the best money saving methods that is foolproof and guaranteed to get results! You could consider introducing this at your office or look for 5 or more friends who want to save and then try this.

how to save money tips

How to save money tips


I love social media a lot but if one is not careful, it will be easy to get carried away by what we are constantly bombarded with on all social media platforms. These so called slay queens and kings who seem to have everything trending on surface earth are mostly facades. Do not get carried away to the extent you want to use all your money to look and be like them. This will not only save you heartaches but will also save you money.

You see people buying all types of gadgets, devices and clothing and then you want to imitate them without knowing their source of money. Darling, it is pure foolishness. Kinging queens don’t do that. They plan before they do. They are not swayed by what people own.

I got a tablet just two months ago even when friends, family and colleagues were busy buying. Some persons even teased me about it. You see, i felt there were better things to do with my money so I saved up to do other tangible things that will add “sauce” to my life and make me better personally and professionally. I only got a tablet now because I needed it for my blog otherwise, I wouldn’t have!

how to save money tips

The grass always looks greener on the other side we think but the truth is when you nurture your own grass, it will be greener than the one on the other side. Do not be swayed by what others have or are doing. Be steadfast. Stick to your money saving ventures, start your business or career and work towards being a slay mama yourself!


The internet is a great resource for learning and it has never failed anyone! For years now, I do my own pedicure at home using DIYs I learned from the internet and have perfected over the years. I have only had my pedicure done twice at a salon for the past 6 years! All other times, I did at home and this has saved me money. It will save you money. There are lots of DIYs on Pinterest ranging from home décor to selfcare.

Instead of going to the salon to get your nails done, do it yourself at home. One of my sisters can braid her own hair! Can you beat that? She saves money any time she does that (which is regular) and it makes me jealous lol. Learn some easy craft that will help you save money instead of having to pay someone to do it for you.

That peeling wall on your bathroom, paint it yourself. You need a little art on the wall where your bed is? Look up Pinterest and discover one trillion ways to make an amazing art to hang on your wall. Use DIYs to save money darling!

how to save money tips


Another of the “how to save money tips” that I absolutely love is budgeting. The whole goal of money saving is monitoring expenses. Document every single penny you spend. Write whatever you buy. Doesn’t matter if it is a cup tea or coffee, a scarf, dress, groceries etc.

Write your expenses down every day and see where you have to “cut costs”. Regularly monitoring your expenses will give you an idea of what to stop doing or reduce so as to save money.

money saving tips

Conclusion: How To Save Money Tips

graphic showing how to save money tips

These are 10 proven ways to save money. The only how to save money tips you need to start incorporating in your life right now, dear Queens.  Have you used any of these methods to save money? If you haven’t, what other means do you use in saving money? Let us know in the comment section so we all can learn. Don’t forget to share! If you are looking for more tips on saving money, my Pinterest Board on Personal Finance, got all the money saving tips you need to live a life of abundance!

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    Don’t underestimate the piggy bank. Loose change quickly adds up. 🙂 I love the one about not competing. I bet half the stuff people end up buying to compete, don’t end up being used often. Not only that, by the time you buy it, the other person will have moved on to something else.
    Get things because you like it, not because someone else has it.

    • July 2, 2018 / 3:49 pm

      Piggy bank has come to my rescue a lot of times! A lot of us do the “competition” thing. Who has the finest gadgets and all that and then we end up wasting money! We are learning though! Thanks for your comments

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    Lovely, inspiring and educating! Loving number 6 the more… Yard Sale… Never thought of such means of saving before.

    I practiced no 1 that’s “Piggy Bank” when I was small. It is highly effective especially for students and those with small scale business .
    I recommend the type made of metal or very strong timber so that when the thought of collecting money from there knocks you will be discouraged by the knowing that it is so stressful opening it.

    Keep the kindled candle burning my beloved, you’ve got a great skill that this generation lacks .

    • March 12, 2018 / 8:45 am

      A metal safe is definitely and excellent idea, City! Thank you so much for your encouraging comments and for being a big part of the KQ Tribe. Have a blessed week!

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