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50 Journal Prompts For Mental Health

Dear Queens, let’s talk about Mental Health Journal Prompts for better mental and emotional wellbeing today. Mental illnesses abound especially with the recent Coronavirus Pandemic that has led to Lockdowns and Social Distancing. Our mental health has taken a lot…

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50 Great Journal Prompts For Coping During The Pandemic

I will be sharing some journal prompts for coping during the Covid crisis today. Journal prompts will not only help you cope during pandemic, they will also improve your mental health and well-being You will get to write out your…

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77 Journaling Prompts For Your Best Life

Journaling prompts for self discovery. Living your best life with these powerful journal prompts. PIN ME Journaling and journaling prompts are fast becoming a thing with millennials and older people. Even more so with women. Since I love sharing with…

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