What Are The Effects Of Trauma: Emotional/Social, Physical, & Psychological Effects Of Trauma.

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What Are The Effects Of Trauma?

What are the effects of trauma? Our mental health and well being is very important and understanding and overcoming trauma is one of the ways to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

But first, what is trauma? Let’s understand what trauma is and the different types of trauma before we answer the question, what are the effects of trauma.

Trauma is defined as a response to a terrible, often life-changing event. This event can be an accident (such as a car wreck), natural disaster, or rape or other sexual assault. Victims of trauma can initially react in a variety of ways: agitation, confusion, denial, dissociation, exhaustion, numbness, sadness, and shock are very common.

If you have ever wondered about the effecfs of trauma, then this article on what are the effects of trauma, will answer the questions you seeking for.

There are three types of trauma:

  1. Acute Trauma (occurs after one incident)
  2. Chronic Trauma (repeated; also known as abuse)
  3. Complex Trauma (experiencing multiple traumatic events at once)
    All of the initial reactions listed above can occur with each type of trauma, and trauma can also have long-term reactions and effects.

How Trauma Affects Emotions and Socialization

When it comes to the emotional effects of trauma, there are two extremes. Many victims of trauma have trouble regulating their emotions, and this can either be short-lived or an ongoing pattern. The lack of emotion is also a trauma response.

Other trauma victims may state that they don’t have any feelings associated with the traumatic event, and may describe a numb feeling instead.

Trauma victims often become withdrawn from people and from the things they used to enjoy doing. Avoidance of certain people and/or places may be a sign of PTSD, while losing interest in previously loved activities may be a sign of depression— both of which are psychological effects of trauma.

What Are The Effects Of Trauma?

Trauma victims often become withdrawn from people and from the things they used to enjoy doing. Avoidance of certain people and/or places may be a sign of PTSD, while losing interest in previously loved activities may be a sign of depression— both of which are psychological effects of trauma.

Below are the effects of Trauma. From psychological, emotional, social and physical effects of trauma on people.

The Physical Impacts of Trauma

Responses to traumatic events can manifest in various physical forms as well. Some of the most common physical symptoms associated with trauma are headaches and stomachaches, but sometimes chronic illnesses can develop from trauma too. Examples of chronic illnesses that can be caused by experiencing trauma include:
● Cardiovascular issues
● Dermatological problems
● Gastrointestinal issues
● Musculoskeletal problems
● Neurological disorders
● Respiratory distress
● Substance abuse
Some traumatic events can actually be physically painful, such as physical and sexual abuse, or an accident or disaster that resulted in bodily harm. It’s important for victims of physical abuse to know that they need to report this type of abuse, and even seek legal help at https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/sexual-abuse.html

Psychological Disorders Associated with Trauma

Although psychological disorders can develop for a variety of reasons, there are some that develop because of trauma. A victim of trauma can also experience more than one psychological disorder at a time. Here are some of the mental disorders that are associated with trauma.


What Are The Effects of Trauma?

Everyone can experience small levels of anxiety, as it is a normal part of life. Normal anxiety can occur when preparing for a job interview, giving a speech, or any other stressful events where stress goes away once the event is over. However, this becomes a disorder when it goes beyond everyday anxiety. Those with anxiety disorders are usually extremely worried about things that don’t usually cause anxiety in others, and even have extreme reactions to everyday events that cause anxiety— such as avoidance or even somatization.


What Are The Effects Of Trauma?

Clinical depression is marked by feelings of extreme sadness and/or hopelessness that lasts for at least two weeks. As mentioned earlier, this can also be followed by loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, and even social withdrawal. There’s also a less intensive type of depression called persistent depressive disorder that can last for at least two years.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

What Are The Effects Of Trauma? PTSD

PTSD is also a very common psychological response to a traumatic event. Symptoms of PTSD can also include a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities and social withdrawal, and also avoidance of certain people, places, and things that may trigger an unwanted memory. Many times, those suffering from PTSD engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse. This is usually to help cope with the intrusive thoughts and feelings that are characteristic of PTSD.

Conclusion On What Are The Effects Of Trauma?

I hope this article has been able to answer your question about what are the effects of trauma.

Everyone responds to traumatic events differently, and some people may not be seriously affected by a traumatic event.

If you’ve experienced trauma, it’s important to talk to a mental health professional (even if you’re not displaying any symptoms of a psychological disorder), and possibly even a healthcare professional and a lawyer, depending on the type of trauma you’ve experienced.

Prolonged trauma doesn’t necessarily occur in every victim of trauma, nor are all experienced traumas are as severe as others.

However, it’s important to recognize the effects that trauma can have on the human body in all aspects. It’s also important to remember that not everyone experiences the effects of trauma in the same way, and that there can be a combination of effects that result from trauma.

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