Why Should You Wear Clip-In Extensions In Your Hair

People always want what they can’t have. Individuals with short hair often complain that they wish they could have beautiful long locks. Their complaints are often met with comments such as “well grow your hair then” – if only it was that simple. Here is where clip in extensions come to the rescue for us, queens.

For a lot of people, their hair gets to a certain length and then it seems to just stop growing altogether. Thankfully, this does not mean that they cannot have the long luscious hair they desire. Instead, people can opt to purchase hair extensions.

Here are four reasons why you should wear clip in extensions in your hair.

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4 Reasons To Wear Clip In Extensions.

Hair extensions have soared in popularity over the past few years, yet it is a newer type of hair extension which is really booming – and that is clip in extensions. Gone are the days of sitting in a hair salon for eight hours and forking out hundreds and hundreds of pounds for permanent hair extensions.

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They Are Easy and Flexible

Curly Clip In Extensions

People much prefer the ease and flexibility that is associated with the clip in hair extensions today. Of course, if you’re experiencing any sort of hair loss, please don’t use hair extensions, as this could make the issue worth it. Specialist treatment is often required, such as an FUE hair transplant or hair growth medication. 

Clip In Extensions Are Cheaper Than Weaved In Extensions

One of the main reasons why people prefer clip in extensions is because they prove to be a lot cheaper than getting extensions weaved in for example. This is because you literally only have to pay for the hair and the clips. You do not have to pay for any other equipment used, nor do you have to pay for salon time either. If you look around you will see some great deals on them.

Nevertheless, it is important to be wary of going for anything which appears too good to be true because this exposes you to the possibility of the hair extensions being fake, and thus you will not be able to use straightening irons, curling tongs, or dye on the hair as it will become damaged.

They Are Versatile

highlighted clip in extensions

In addition to this, clip in hair extensions is great because you can choose to have your hair long or short whenever it suits you.

You can take your extensions out at bedtime and thus you won’t feel any pain or anything tugging at your head like you otherwise would.

Moreover, some hairstyles work better with short hair and thus you give yourself the possibility to do many different hair looks.

Your extensions are also much more likely to be looked after more and thus last longer if they are only used now and again.

Clip In Extensions Are Protective

colourful clip in extensions
Coloured Clip In Hair Extensions

Another great thing about clip in extensions is that they do not damage your existing hair.

This is something that cannot be said for some of the other hair extension methods utilized at the moment. Moreover, if you want to add highlights or a different color to your hair then you can merely dye some of your extensions rather than having to dye your own hair.

This also means that if you change your hair color you do not need to worry about buying new extensions because you can simply dye the ones that you already have.

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If you want longer hair then you should certainly consider buying clip in hair extensions. Not only will your hair be long and luscious but you can clip your extensions in whenever you want, your hair won’t get damaged and neither will your bank balance.

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