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No. Friday Blues Is not Equal Monday Blues

Mondays are being “dissed” at every social media “party” and in all workplaces around the world. Why is the first day of the working week getting so much bad rap? …

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Amazing Ways to Simplify Your Life

Amazing Ways To Simplify Your Life Instantly! I believe these amazing ways to simplify your life are gonna be a favorite. For me. I hope for you too For a very long time, when I look in my closet, I always get overwhelmed. For someone who has just about every…

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10 Best Productivity Apps That Will Transform Your Life!

Today, I’d like to share with you, 10 best productivity apps you can use to stay organized. Productivity apps are essentially apps that are capable of improving your productivity by managing your time effectively. If you have been following the Kinging Queen blog for some time now, you will have…

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10 Ways To Be More Creative

Writing today on 10 ways to be more creative! Are you aware that research conducted says everyone can be creative? That means you are born to create. To be creative? Oh, so you don’t believe? Hang on, hop on the ride and read to the end and you will discover…

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