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Sunday Affirmations For A Most Flourishing Week!

101 Sunday Affirmations For A Most Flourishing Week! Sunday Affirmations are a great way to center yourself, and keep you grounded, refreshed, and recharged to begin a new week. I have always had a love-hate relationship with Mondays so much…

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37 Affirmations Of Gratitude To Express Thankfulness Every Day.

Affirmations are power mantras. They are positive sayings and words you say to yourself on a daily basis to center yourself and help you manifest more things in life. A grateful and thankful heart is a heart that is bound…

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Self Love Affirmations To Help You Build Self Esteem

Dear queens, self-love affirmations and/or affirmations for self-love are definitely your go-to solutions for improving everyday living and life generally. When I graduated from the university and couldn’t get a job for several years, I hated my life and hated…

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Affirmations For A Better You: Your Ultimate Guide To A Superb Life!

Affirmations are power mantras you use to positively change your life, from your thinking to the way you do things. These are 101 affirmations for a better you. Wikipedia defines Affirmations as the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment fostering…

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