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34 Inspiring Comfort Zone Quotes To Get You Going No Matter What!

Comfort zone quotes that will get you out of your comfort zone and help you to achieve more. The comfort zone is a place of relaxation. It is the safest place to be but dwelling in it for a very long time is toxic for your growth. It is an…

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32 Inspiring Quotes On New Year Resolutions.

A new year is around the corner and what better time to share these quotes on new year resolutions. I know you all are geared and charged about making your new year resolutions so I’d like to give you some inspirations about setting new year resolutions. Remember, that setting achievable…

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37 Powerful Quotes On Body Positivity To Help You Love Your Body

Dear Queens, If you suffer from low self-esteem arising from having a “body type” you think is not acceptable by society, then you need to read this article about quotes on body positivity. If any of these quotes on body positivity resonates with you, write it out on a paper,…

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100+ Best Quotes About Christmas For A Most Beautiful Holiday!

Queens, let me let you in on a secret! I loved Christmas (still do) so much as a teenager that when Christmas day starts drawing to an end, I become all sad! Crazy, isn’t it? Tell me about it! Does/did anyone ever feel like that?!! C’mon, It can’t be only…

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