Skin Breaks Out: Their Causes And What To Do To Clear Them.

Not having acne in your teenage years doesn’t cushion you from adult acne. Also, the causes might be different. It’s pretty common to suddenly have skin breakouts even when you’ve had healthy acne-free skin for long.

When this happens, understand the cause because dealing with the pimples is just taking care of the problem superficially. In most cases, adult acne is caused by underlying health issues or hormonal imbalances. In other cases, diet, skin products and poor lifestyle choices can lead to a skin breakout.

When dealing with a sudden acne breakout, get to understand quick solutions that will help in restoring and rejuvenating your skin. You might need expert advice to get rid of the problem entirely, but as you do this, here are reasons that can cause a sudden acne breakout.


Skin Breakouts and how to prevent them
Skin Breakouts and How To Prevent Them

Why Is My Skin Breaking Out So Bad?

Here are some reasons why you constantly have skin breakouts and what you should do to get that clean, even-toned skin you’ve always wanted.

Causes Of Skin Breakouts: Using too Many Products

Experimenting with skincare products on your face is not advisable because as you do so, they irritate your skin, causing breakouts. If you want to know if a product is suitable for your skin, use it on a small part of your body but not the face.


Don’t use too many products at once because they aggravate the skin leading to acne. On the same note, don’t change products too soon. Pick one or two products and use them for four to six months to determine whether they work.

Causes Of Skin Breakouts: Hair Products

A breakout caused by hair products is known as pomade acne. As you use the hair products, oil can seep to the forehead, trapping bacteria and clogging the poles leading to acne.

Also, when hair touches the face, it transfers oils with irritating chemicals leading to a breakout. 


If you are experiencing a sudden acne breakout, check whether you’ve changed hair products lately.

Causes Of Skin Breakouts: Sleeping in Your Makeup

When makeup combines with dirt and oil on your skin, the resulting acne is called acne cosmetica.


Make sure you remove all makeup and then thoroughly but gently clean the face with a suitable cleanser before going to bed. After that, moisturize and apply a nourishing night cream. Keep makeup brushes clean and change them regularly, and don’t share cosmetic products.

Causes Of Skin Breakouts: A Poor Diet

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it needs a lot of nourishment to keep it healthy and acne-free. A diet high in processed foods and sugars can lead to acne, and so does any food high in the glycemic index.


Eat more green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and high protein foods. Also, drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins. 

Causes Of Skin Breakouts: A Dirty Phone

Your phone can transfer dirt and germs to your skin leading to a breakout.


If you can, avoid rubbing your face with the phone while using it. Also, wipe the phone every day with an alcohol-based wipe to keep it clean and germs free.

Causes Of Skin Breakouts: Long Exposure To Sun

Have you travelled to a new region lately or stayed in the sun for too long without a proper sunscreen lotion? The skin may react to a sudden change in the environment. Too much sun, humidity or heat can lead to acne breakout.


Protect your skin every time you step out of your house.

Conclusion: How To Prevent Skin Breakouts

Skin breakouts are often caused by our own negligence and poor hygiene and can be easily remedied. Try avoiding these causes of skin breakouts and prevent them from reappearing.

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