3 Interesting Facts About The Skin Every Woman Should Know!

The global beauty industry has always focused on skincare as one of the most effective ways to look and feel attractive. It’s therefore not surprising that the sector recorded a global market value of $130.3 billion. The exciting part is now the focus is not only on ladies. The men have joined the worldwide demand, which shows in the variety of skincare products available. However, how much do you know about your skin? This article will discuss some of the fantastic and interesting facts about the skin you probably weren’t aware of.

Facts About The Skin

  1. The Skin Renews Itself Monthly

Your skin makes it onto the top three hardworking external organs on your body. It is subject to the weather’s vagaries, countless skincare try-outs, bacteria, etc., but it still holds itself up. There is only one reason for this ‘miracle,’ and it’s the skin regeneration capabilities. Every 28 to 30 days, it renews itself through its keratinocytes production. You can consider these as the skin’s building blocks. These cells contain keratin just like your nails, explaining why they grow back when you trim them.

Keratinocytes form very deep in the epidermis and take a month to move up to the skin’s surface. Even though these are tough cells, they have their breaking points, especially when they endure excessive friction. It is why friction-battered epidermis ends up forming calluses. Therefore, even though the body is naturally wired to regenerate skin, you have an added responsibility to keep it protected.

  1. Acts As Your Body’s Natural Barrier From Dirt and Harmful Pathogens

Your skin is your natural raincoat and a significant barrier from environmental elements. There are billions of microorganisms in the atmosphere, and without your largest organ (skin), your internal parts would succumb to the pressure from these toxins. Have you wondered why sometimes your skin reacts to certain metals? More so, what do you think happens to the outer surface of the skin when you wear uncleaned jewellery? This organ takes the hit on your behalf.

Ideally, jewellery cleaning should be a regular feature in your beauty routines, especially when you wear them often. If you don’t, they pick up sweat and dirt, resulting in the gradual degeneration of the metal. If you don’t know what this is, cast your mind back to how some of your favourite earrings and necklaces began to change colour. Wearing them may expose you to rust (your sweat contains salt) and other allergic reactions. So, even though your skin acts as a barrier, it has its limits too.

  1. Your Skin Absorbs Probiotics and Prebiotics From Your Diet

The last but not the least of the 3 interesting facts about the skin you should know is the power of the skin in absorption of Probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that help fight ‘bad’ microorganisms in the body. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are food compounds that stimulate the activity of good bacteria. Where your skin is concerned, these two are necessary to maintain its appearance. Probiotics and prebiotics provide a conducive environment to enhance skin health, elasticity, and smoothness. So indeed, there is pure truth in eating your way to healthy skin.

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interesting facts about the skin
Interesting facts about the skin

Conclusion On Interesting Facts About The Skin

Now and then, you may experience a rash, a pimple, inflammations, etc., on your body. However, rest assured that your skin will bounce back to a better form with the proper care. Take good care of your largest organ, and it will do the same for you. Did you like these interesting facts about the skin and are they making you rethink your skincare regimen and routine?

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