Looking After Your Money Is Self Care!

Sure, taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is essential. But so is making sure that your finances are in shape too. That is why looking after your money is self-care! Making sure your money is in good order will mean that if anything happens you are covered, you…

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How To Better Handle Debt

I bet we are all always looking for ways on how to better handle debt! Right?  Debt can be a messy web that swallows up your entire life. It can start very simply with a bit of money left unpaid on a credit card. Then when you add in loans…

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10 Proven Ways To Save Money

Dear Queens, can we talk how to save money tips, today? the art of saving money is one that needs to be cultivated and imbibed. To save money, one has to be disciplined. Frivolities and compulsiveness are the most common ways we “lose” money. But there are lots of ways…

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