botox cosmetic surgery
Botox Cosmetic Surgery

In their late 30s, women start to develop lines on the forehead, and around the eyes area, these lines are called wrinkles. Some women do not mind carrying it that way but those that value and care a lot about their skin do not enjoy the sight of these wrinkles, hence they seek ways to get rid of them without causing further damage to their skins. Here are some amazing benefits you will reap from Botox cosmetic surgery.

Since major surgeries such as plastic surgery aren’t just dangerous especially when not done well, it’s also expensive and requires complementary checkups. They embrace Botox cosmetic surgery which is less expensive and totally safe.

Botox cosmetic surgery is a very good way to get rid of wrinkles without subjecting one’s skin to cuts. Most people know it as Botox cosmetic surgery but in the real sense, it’s an injection; you will get to understand that better as you read on.

Since you’re interested in knowing the benefits of Botox cosmetic surgery -(injection), you should get to understand fully what you are about to inject into your system. You should know how and where the name Botox is derived from.

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Botox got its name from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This microorganism is commonly found in a natural environment. Its spore is found in lots of places including the soil, forest, and the intestinal tracts of mammals.

They are harmless except when it transforms and increases in population in a particular area. When this happens, the bacteria begin to produce a dangerous toxin called Botulinum toxin which is solely responsible for Botulism.

According to scientific research, a gram of this toxin produced by C. botulinum is capable of killing over 1 million people and more of it will kill more people but when used well, especially in the cosmetic context, it works well. It is safe.

For the Botox injection used in the Botox cosmetic surgery (injection), a very small dose of the toxin is used and it is given with utmost care.


To make it clearer, the Botox cosmetic injection which is popularly known as Botox cosmetic surgery is particularly done to get rid of facial wrinkles. It is safe but isn’t permanent; it lasts for at least 3 months.


Just in case you want to get rid of that wrinkle on your face but you’re scared of surgeries and the pain that comes with them. Then, you don’t have to any longer, here is the good news.

Botox cosmetic isn’t a surgery, it is rather a cosmetic treatment that entails the injection of purified Botox toxin into the lines on your face to get rid of them and equally obstruct further wrinkles formation.


There’s a procedure that must be followed to get the best out of it.

Firstly, you must ensure that the person who is to administer the injection is a trained medical doctor or you make sure that the procedure is done under the strict supervision of a trained doctor who has a good knowledge of Botox cosmetic surgery.

Secondly, an anesthetic must be administered after which a fine needle will be used to inject the Botox toxin; of course, the purified version of the toxin, into the muscles of the face. Before the treatment, the patient must avoid aspirin-related products.


Botox cosmetic surgery or rather Botox treatment is a very safe procedure. Even though the bacterium in question is dangerous, a very little dose of the purified form is safe. If you have any reservations about Botox cosmetic surgery, you should drop it right away because the procedure isn’t dangerous.


The result of Botox cosmetic surgery isn’t permanent at all. After the procedure, the body takes in the Botox injection and after some time, it passes it out via certain means.

Whatever result you achieve after the procedure, wears off as time goes on but you can still retain the result by scheduling a session with your doctor to top up the unit of the purified toxin in your system.


The Botox toxin which is used for the procedure is a purified botulinum toxin A and it is totally safe with no risk of botulism. Although, there are mild and temporary side effects which include slight discoloration of the skin and discomfort in the injected area.

The problem will erupt only when the procedure isn’t properly carried out according to the accepted standard or if it’s done by amateur or quack medical practitioners.


The Botox treatment is available for only individuals from the age of 18 upward. Even though the treatment is also open to people in the 18-25 age bracket, it’s expected that the injection is taken once wrinkles begin to surface and that happens to ladies in their late 30s.

The Botox cosmetic surgery isn’t for pregnant or breastfeeding women and it is also not for people with a previous record of allergy to botulinum. It isn’t also for individuals with severely sagging skin and sun damage.

Now that you are quite acquainted with what Botox cosmetic treatment popularly known as Botox cosmetic surgery is, this is the best time to introduce you to the 15 amazing benefits of Botox cosmetic surgery (treatment).


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1. It Improves And Helps To Maintain One’s Natural Beauty

This is a great benefit and that is the reason it’s coming first on the list. The treatment does not involve cutting out any part of the face, it doesn’t entail being operated on by any machine. It involves the injection of purified toxins into the forehead and frown lines which will get rid of wrinkles. This will help you maintain your natural beauty.

2. It Is Less Expensive

Compared with the major plastic surgeries and even with some skin care products, Botox cosmetic surgery is less expensive. As a matter of fact, some third-world countries do not have the equipment or machines needed for plastic surgery and that leaves the citizens with the option of traveling to other countries to get the treatment that they want.

But with Botox cosmetic surgery, you have the opportunity to buy the toxins in units depending on your budget. Also, plastic surgeries require complementary treatments but Botox treatment does not. It only involves very few instructions which when heeded, help to give a lasting result.

3. Botox Cosmetic Surgery Gives Lasting Results

Although the result isn’t permanent, it is lasting. It lasts for about 3 to 6 months depending on the unit of Botox and how well the procedure is done. Another good part is that the results start to show after about 10 days of the procedure. After the procedure, the wrinkles will begin to relax and after some time, the lines will begin to fade away.

4. Botox Cosmetic Surgery Has Customizable Treatment Options

This isn’t a medical surgery that makes the doctor totally in charge of everything. Botox treatment allows you to work out things with your doctor the way you want. You schedule the consultation and also determine what part of your face you want to get treated and the Botox unit to be used as well.

5. The Treatment Erases Signs Of Aging

After the treatment, the Botox injection will help to relax the facial muscles that create deep lines and wrinkles on the face and below the eyebrow. It gives a softer and younger look to the recipient.

6. It Is  A Non-Surgical Treatment

This is the best way to get your facial done without going through major surgeries. The treatment does not involve the removal of any part of the body. If you want to get rid of wrinkles on your face,  Botox cosmetic surgery is a sure option.

7. The treatment Is Quick And Convenient

One of the many benefits of Botox cosmetic surgery is that it is very convenient and the procedure is quick compared to major plastic surgery. It doesn’t even require complementary touches. As a matter of fact, the procedure only takes about 15 minutes and so, it doesn’t require a bunch of time.

8. Botox Cosmetic Surgery Needs No Recovery Time

After plastic surgery, the patient is advised to take some time off work and every hectic activity to retain the result of the surgery. But with Botox injection, you need not abide by impossible seeming rules and regulations to retain the temporary result that it yields.

Aside from the beauty aspect of Botox injection, you should also get to know other medical benefits you will be getting when you inject the required unit of botulinum toxin into the right places.

botox cosmetic surgery

1. Botox Cosmetic Surgery Helps To Correct Eye Conditions

Aside from the removal of wrinkles, the Botox cosmetic surgery can also be used to correct eye problems such as lazy eyes, crossed eyes, and rapid eye blinking. The Botox injection help to correct all eye defect associated with the weakness of the muscle.

2. It Helps To Stop Excessive Sweating

The injection of Botox into the system helps to block acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the chemical in the body system that activates the sweat glands. To get the best of Botox injection, you are advised to visit the doctor for a top-up so as to maintain the result.

3. The Treatment Helps To Reduce Chronic Migraine

The pain that comes with migraine is so severe and painful. Once it comes, it renders the patient almost useless but the good news is that the Botox treatment reduces migraine drastically.

It does this by interfering with the pain signal found between the brain and the spinal cord nerves. This makes it impossible for the signal to reach the nerve ending located in the head and the neck, leading to the reduction and even complete stoppage of migraine.

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4. Botox Cosmetic Surgery Helps With Overactive Bladder

The Botox injection isn’t just a solution to wrinkles but also a solution to overactive bladder. It is used to treat people with this medical issue except for those below the age of 18 and good results have been recorded over time. Although the FDA instructed that the use of this injection must be the last resort.

5. It Also Solves Neck Spasms

Botox cosmetic surgery help to treat neck spasm. Neck pain is normally caused by cervical dystonia and the botulinum toxin disrupts this issue by hindering signals that lead to the tightening of muscles.

6. The botulinum Toxin Will Boost Your Confidence

The botulinum toxin has been said to boost confidence and that in turn will help to lift the mood. Results have been recorded about how good and effective the procedure is.

7. Botox Cosmetic Surgery Helps To Cure Bells Palsy

Yes, you read that right.

Bells palsy comes as a result of huge damage to facial nerves. When this happens, the muscles get affected and weaken drastically leading to the dropping of the face. Once the purified botulinum toxin is administered to the patient, it will help to relax the muscle.


Even after the procedure has been completed, there’s a need for you to take care of yourself and of course, allow the toxin to absorb properly into your system. To let this happen, there are basic tips that you should take into consideration. They include:

1. Seek Advice From A Professional Only

Even after the procedure, it’s advised that you seek and heed suggestions from professionals only for the betterment of the treatment you received. Before anyone will be certified to administer the Botox injection, he or she must undergo training. Ensure that you consult only those who have undergone this training.

2. Communicate Often

Indeed, Botox cosmetic surgery does not involve any major side effects but then, but you are required to report to your doctor should in case any issue arises. You should reveal your feelings just the way it is, that way, you would be able to live well with your wrinkle-free face.

3. Follow Instructions keenly

Unlike plastic surgeries, Botox cosmetic surgery (injection) does not require much after it is done. Just a few instructions here and there will help you retain the wrinkle-free face you are enjoying. Follow the instructions keenly.

4. Avoid Touching The Injection Site

The spot where the injection was given should be avoided totally. The reason is that the Botox toxin comes in a liquid form and can be easily dispersed into other areas of the body where it isn’t wanted, leading to other serious health issues. You must avoid rubbing, tapping, or hitting the area.

5. Drink More Water

Don’t let yourself become dehydrated. Drink lots of water as it helps to keep the body healthy and also helps the result of the treatment to come out well. Keep away from ingesting alcoholic drinks and other drinks that might dehydrate you.

6. Stay Away From Direct Sunlight

On a normal, sunlight increases the wrinkles on your face and that isn’t acceptable. After your treatment, you must avoid direct sunlight as it might mar every effort you have made to get rid of the wrinkles. You can make use of hats, sun shades, or other accessories to make you hide your face from the sun.

7. Feed Well

Even without being told, you should know that you need to feed properly to lead a good life. You must not just eat, you should eat a balanced diet. It will help to keep your facial skin and your whole body healthy. Particularly avoid food with high sugar and sodium, and also stay away from processed food. Natural food and fruits are ideal.

8. Avoid Bending Often

After the treatment, you must refrain from too much bending especially a few hours after the Botox cosmetic surgery. The botulinum injection is in a liquid form, you can’t allow the toxin to flow to unwanted areas in your body by bending every now and then.

9. Zinc Is A Great Supplement

Research has it that zinc supplements help to retain the Botox result. According to the report, this occurs because the active ingredient in Botox injection used in Botox cosmetic surgery works well in the presence of zinc.

10. Visit Your Doctor

Well, this is if you want a touch-up. Since the toxin last for 3 months, you might want to get a touch-up to continue to enjoy the benefits. You should visit your doctor for that purpose and most importantly, it’s advisable to work with a particular doctor.

11. Reduce Stress

Have you wondered what even brings about the wrinkles on your face in the first place? Stress is one of the many causes of wrinkles formation and most people often neglect this fact. Once the stress hormone is stirred up, it hinders the body from producing the important protein that the skin needs.

In the absence of these proteins, the skin begins to wear out and that results in the lines you see as wrinkles. Reduce the level of load you place on yourself and give your body the chance to breathe from time to time. That will help avoid wrinkles.

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Conclusion On Botox Cosmetic Surgery


The process of injecting purified botulinum toxin also known as Botox cosmetic surgery isn’t a recent act. It’s been in existence for a long time and has been recorded to have given many individuals, the liberty of living their lives having no wrinkles on their faces.

It’s a healthy and 100% safe act and you will maximize the above-listed benefits if you follow the instructions here and the ones given to you by your medical practitioner.

So, there you have it Queens, 8 amazing benefits of Botox cosmetic surgery. Now, who is going to have some for that great clear, youthful looking skin and all the other super awesome benefits?

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Botox cosmetic surgery

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