5 Benefits of Getting Out Of the House More

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Benefits of getting out of the house

Life is generally becoming more and more automated. We get everything in the comfort of our homes making it increasingly difficult to leave our homes but there are benefits of leaving the house more often,

Of course, the pandemic also happened.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has totally disrupted society in all sorts of different ways, as well as turning the lives of millions of people upside down.

Perhaps one of the most striking effects of the pandemic across much of the world has been the fact that more people than arguably ever before in history have been stuck in their homes for the better part of a year, while seldom venturing outside.

Even in normal times, however, modern life has been moving in the direction of more and more automation of services, and less and less physical interaction in the outer world at large.

Whether in order to investigate the best wheels and tyres for sale, or to order your groceries, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to get everything done that you need to without actually setting foot outside of your home.

This is, of course, very convenient – and there are lots of significant benefits to having this infrastructure in place. But there are also some real reasons why you should make a point of trying to get out of your house more often.

Here are a few benefits of getting out of the house more.

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Graphic showing reasons to get out of the house more often
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Getting outside can help to free you from the information feedback loops we are all vulnerable to getting stuck in

According to various reports, there seems to be a mental health crisis under way at the moment – even preceding the recent pandemic. Young people, in particular, are affected by higher and higher rates of anxiety and depression, and social unrest across much of the world is also rising.

While it’s impossible to reduce complex issues like this down to a single root factor, there’s no doubt that staying indoors and remaining engulfed in the information feedback loops and bubbles that we are all presented with more and more, in everyday life, is unlikely to be good for maintaining a sense of well-being or perspective.

Getting outside more often, and engaging with the world directly, can help to free you from those information feedback loops, and can help you to get a fresh sense of perspective, and to get out of your own head, as well.

When you are hiking through a beautiful natural landscape, it just easier to feel good about the world than it is if you are hate-scrolling through Twitter for hours.

Fresh air and time spent outdoors – especially in natural settings – have powerful therapeutic effects

Fresh air and time spent outdoors – especially in natural environments – have powerful feel-good therapeutic effects, which are both psychological and physiological in nature.

When walking through a forest, you breathe in aerosolized oils from the trees that are released into the air, and which are associated with various physical and mental health benefits.

At the same time, the experience of strolling around and looking at a beautiful natural environment can help to focus your thoughts more on topics like beauty, positivity, and enthusiasm for life.

While there are a lot of different ways in which people can improve their health and sense of well-being, time spent outdoors – and particularly time spent in natural settings – seems to have certain objective benefits which are hard to beat, and which should definitely not be understated.

Getting outside and going for walks can help you to think through your problems more effectively

Many different writers and thinkers throughout the ages have commented on the powerful benefits of going for regular walks – in particular, that walking stimulates the flow of thoughts and improves problem-solving ability, compared to sitting still in one place.

Everyone has tricky issues to deal with, and complex decisions to make, throughout their lives. Perhaps you don’t even know exactly what the issue is, but you feel as though something just isn’t quite “aligned” in your everyday life, as it currently stands.

Going outside and going for regular walks can really help you to see things from a new angle, to generate powerful new ideas, and to think through your problems more effectively in a variety of different ways.

Face-to-face interaction with other people typically happens outside of your own home – and this kind of interaction is extremely important

Although face-to-face interaction with other people is something you should limit during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is nonetheless the case that this kind of interaction is extremely important for human beings, in general. As soon as possible, you should get back to engaging in as much of this kind of interaction as you can.

According to researchers, the majority of all human communication is actually achieved through non-verbal means – via things like body language and changes in the tone and pitch of the voice. But what this means is that whenever we communicate with each other online through typed out messages, a huge amount is being lost.

Beyond this, though, even the most introverted person likely needs to have face-to-face interactions with other people in order to avoid feelings of alienation and isolation, and in order to maintain a sense of real human connection.

Of course, the majority of face-to-face interactions you will typically have with other people, will tend to happen outside of your own home.

All the more reason to get out and about more often.

Getting out of the house can break you out of a period of stagnation, and can give you the nudge you need to take action again

If you find that you’ve fallen into a rut in one aspect of your life or another, or as though you’ve simply lost momentum and drive, it’s likely that the energy and motivation you need won’t be found by sitting at home and ruminating excessively.

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graphic showing benefits of getting out of the house more
Benefits of Getting Out Of The House More

Getting out and getting active can give you the momentum, energy, and motivation required in order to help break you out of a period of stagnation and to get you back into the flow and hustle and bustle of life.

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