The Ultimate Bundles

Here, you will find the Ultimate Bundles, one of the best resources for Personal Development, Productivity, Self-Improvement and Self-Care solutions you can find anywhere in the world!

If you have gone through the About section of the Kinging Queen Blog, you will have seen that the blog is geared towards providing Self Improvement, Personal Development, Productivity and Lifestyle solutions to every woman.

In this corner of the blog, there are helpful resources to help you at home and at work to smash your Personal Development and Self Improvement goals, no matter where you are, you will find that these helpful resources, tools, products and items will help you both personally and professionally.

Cheers to being the boss lady you are meant to be.

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Ultimate Bundles: Ultimate Productivity Bundle

One of the best productivity bundles you will find out there to help you ace your goals, is the Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

From high value of collections of eBooks and courses at huge discount including 10 eBooks, 29 e Courses, 28 workbooks & printables and a membership sites , this bundle is the solution to all your productivity problems.

Price: $67 + $10 for cheat sheets

Value: 68 products worth $2743.08

Contents: 10 eBooks, 29 eCourses, 28 workbooks & printables and a membership site

Get it HERE

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Ultimate Bundles: Stay At Home Survival Bundles

With the new normal, arising from the pandemic, more organizations/companies are now looking at ways to include work at home solutions to their management. This is what this bundle seeks to achieve.

Help you stay and survive at home.

Price: $24.97

Value: 21 products worth $493.19

Contents: 4 eBooks, 11 Workbooks and Printables, 5 eCourses and a summit

Get it HERE

Stay at home survival bundle helpful resources

Ultimate Bundles: Self-Care Mini Bundle

I am big on self care. We often neglect ourselves in our quest for living a quality life, that at the end, we undermine the reason why we went on a quest to have and live a quality life.

Which is ”ourselves” in the first place.

That is what the self-care mini bundle aims to achieve. To help you not to neglect yourself!

Price: $29.99

Value: $564.80

Contents: 8 eCourses and Membership Sites, 5 eBooks, 9 printables and workbooks

Self Care Mini Bundle

Ultimate Bundles: Work At Home Bundle

One of the best helpful resources we can get during these trying times is the work at home bundle.

Just like the stay at home survival bundle, this bundle brings productivity solutions while you work at home.

Price: $47

Value: $1603.90

Contents: 11 eCourses, 9 eBooks, 4 Printables and Worksbooks, 4 Templates

Work at Home Ultimate Bundles
Work At Home Bundle

Homemaking Bundle

We are queens and what better way to show we are queens than having a great home that is both welcoming and loving?

Another ultimate bundles, you will love is the homemaking bundle!

It is simply amazing!

If you are looking for some homemaking solutions, this homemaking bundle has got you covered!

Create a home you and your family will love!

Price: $29.97

Value: 52 products worth $1298.36

Contents: 14 eCourses, 9 eBooks, 8 Printable Packs, 8 Planners, 9 Workbooks, 3 Membership Sites and Summits

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Homemaking Bundle: The Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles: Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle

Gardening is a form of self care practice to ease anxiety, depression and to improve your general mental health and well-being.

If you take your mental well-being serious, then you should definitely invest in this ultimate bundles set.

The Gardening & Sustainable Living bundle is a great way to relieve stress, stop panic, anxiety, and depression?

The result? Improved mental health!

Price: $24.99

Value: 577.71

Contents: 6 courses, 21 eBooks, 5 Planners and Printables

Get it HERE

Gardening & Sustainable Living Ultimate Bundles
Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle