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What Is Breadcrumbing? 4 Signs You Are Being Breadcrumbed & How To Overcome It

Breadcrumbing: What You Need to Know In the world of modern dating, new terms and trends are constantly emerging. One such term that has gained popularity recently is “breadcrumbing.” If you’re unfamiliar with this term, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, let’s delve into what…

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Should You Block Your Ex? 8 Pros and Cons You Should Consider.

Breaking up is never easy, and in today’s digital age, deciding whether to block an ex-partner on social media platforms has become a common dilemma. The decision to block or not to block is influenced by various factors, including emotions, personal boundaries, and the desire for closure. In this article,…

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100 Weird Questions You Can Ask Anyone For Fun, Giggles And Laughs!

As professionals, we often find ourselves engaging in routine conversations that revolve around work and daily tasks. However, sometimes it’s refreshing to break away from the norm and dive into more unconventional topics. Weird questions can help us think outside the box, challenge our assumptions, and spark interesting discussions. In…

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The Shy Girl Guide On How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

Striking a conversation with a guy you just met can be difficult especially if you don’t want to be seen as desperate. Contrary to society’s norm, there’s no harm in shooting your shot. Here is the complete guide on how to start a conversation with a guy. Who knows? You…

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