Hi there!

My name is Jennifer.

Welcome to my blog on Lifestyle, Productivity, Wellness, Inspiration and Reflections.

I am a QHSE Engineer and i am constantly seeking ways to better myself personally and professionally. I love writing, reading, fashion and i am a health freak!

Here on my blog, I’d like to share insights on lifestyle, balance, soul deep reflections, personal development/ motivation and most importantly well researched, thought out provoking topical issues.

This blog is aptly named kingingqueen.com because i believe in the power of a woman. If you are a single mom, you are a kinging queen. An entrepreneur, you are a kinging woman. Working in a male dominated environment/profession? You are a kinging woman. Seeing yourself through school? You are kinging too! Survived domestic violence, child abuse, rape? You are a kinging queen! You get the message now, right?

Kinging Queen is steadily building a presence on all social media platforms that i like to call the KQ tribe and i hope you join the community too. It will be great to have you on this life journey!

You can find and follow me on most social media platforms. I am crazy about Instagram! If Facebook is your thing, you can find me there also. You can equally follow me on Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

IG: www.instagram.com/jenniferpompaski

FB: www.facebook.com/jlopomp

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/kingingqueen1

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jennipompaski

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-pompaski-58821b159

I hope you get inspired each time you visit the site daily or on a weekly basis or whenever you find time. Come aboard this exciting journey with me! Xoxo

Jennifer Pompaski


Love, Jennifer.
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  1. People out there are busy with their personal life but a uniqness is in you to touch someone on daily,hourly or minute basis whatever,u r worthy a round of applause. Keep it up Jennifer,u r 1 in a millon.

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