Sexy Miss Glasses And Astigmatism

Hello! How has the new week been? I┬áhope you guys used your weekend judiciously! Relaxation is key. Destressing very important and self love, paramount! Don’t. Ever. Forget. That. So i first encountered the word, ASTIGMATISM in High School in biology class. Cornea, retina, short sightedness, long sightedness, refraction and reflection of light, tear ducts, myopia… Read More Sexy Miss Glasses And Astigmatism

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I was Sexually Molested

Picture credit: Pinterest Bright and shining day. Shuffle in the dark. A vise like grip. A club to the head. Drugged. Grabbed from behind. Threatened. Coerced, Forced. Beaten. Unknowingly. Knowingly. Then it happens. A stranger, a family member, a trusted friend, a random mugging. It doesn’t matter the way it happens. Molested sexually. Raped. Not… Read More I was Sexually Molested

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